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Paul Imperatore

PAUL IMPERATORE has a passion for architecture and compels an incredible sense of design elements to create the most spectacular landscapes. Extensive landscape artistry with the use of color, texture, and complementary hardscape materials are paramount in Mr. Imperatore’s designs.

Paul is a graduate of Towson University and has reviewed architecture in Italy, France, and the United States. He has seen the many great landscapes; and has created thousands of unique designs for satisfied clients who demand and appreciate quality. Paul’s portfolio is incredible!

Paul creates all of his designs from a blank slate to develop the landscape of your dreams. High impact, low maintenance, value oriented designs are created by Paul’s designs. The final project offers a sense of style and sophistication.

These experiences have helped Paul create many indelible designs. Let his talent create on for you!

A. D., Ellicott City MD Designer, Paul (Imperatore), was very helpful, accommodating and professional. He is a knowledgeable professional who is a designer first and foremost and not a salesman pushing costly product and service. We were impressed that the foreperson was a woman who worked alongside her staff (wheelbarrow, shoveling, etc.). She was knowledgeable, informative and an excellent representative for Meadows Farms.
D. S., Silver Spring MD This is the third time Paul (Imperatore) has done design work for us and we’ve recommended him to several friends. We think he’s superb. The foreman was efficient and very patient. We “hovered” the whole time and he seemed to understand and certainly accepted our interest in the project. Sorry, I just can’t find any room for improvement on any of the above. We are HAPPY customers.

I. S., Montgomery Village MD Paul had to work under poor conditions as we had several distractions that day – but he was patient and gave us confidence to go along with his plan almost 100%. We are very happy with his design and plan. Christy (the foreman) was terrific. She was attentive and responsive to my questions and ideas even though her mind was on the overall job. She made good decisions regarding what to place where. Had crew working in a timely manner.

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