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Live Christmas Tree Care

Why Buy a Living Christmas Tree?

  1. If you are planning to add an evergreen to your landscape, you can buy one now, use it as a Christmas tree, then plant it outside.
  2. All Meadows Farms live Christmas trees are sold at half the price charged at most nurseries, therefore, the price difference in a live tree versus a cut tree is only about $10.00
  3. It is more interesting for children to have a tree that they can be planted, and they can watch it grow.
  4. You and your family can further support the ecology movement by planting a tree.
  5. A live tree will be more aromatic, will not dry out and stays fresher, thereby providing you with a safer tree.
  6. The survival rate is 8 out of 10 trees when planted outside after Christmas.
  7. Even if the tree would not survive, many people would prefer a live tree because of the aroma, freshness and additional safety of a live tree.

Care of Your Living Christmas Tree Before Taking It Indoors

  1. Put the tree in a protected area such as a carport or garage so that the rootball will not freeze or leave tree out and cover rootball with an old rug, straw, leaves or other mulch material.
  2. Tree does not have to be watered during this time.

Care of Your Living Christmas Tree Indoors

  1. Various containers can be used for your living Christmas tree. One of the best is the “saucer” sled; it can be easily “scooted’ around until you have it in the position you desire. Also, any metal or plastic container or basket can be use. Half whiskey barrels are excellent.
  2. It is not absolutely necessary for the tree to be watered, but it would be best to keep one inch of water in the bottom of the container.
  3. Your tree should not be kept indoors more than ten to twelve days.

Planting Your Living Christmas Tree

  1. Since the ground may be frozen after the holidays, select the spot where you’ll want to plant the tree soon after binging your tree home. Dig the hole right away, placing the soil removed from the hole in a container, and place it in the garage. Then you are all ready to plant the tree, following the usual procedure when the holidays are over.
  2. You can select the spot here you’ll want to plant the tree and cover the area with leaves, straw, wood chips, or other mulch material. Cover this with burlap to keep it from blowing away. This cover will prevent the ground from freezing if the temperature should drop and you’ll be able to plant your tree as soon as the holidays are over.
  3. If the ground has frozen and you did not prepare the ground beforehand, the tree can be kept in a protected area until the ground thaws. Don’t expose the roots or they’ll dry out and die. Stand the burlapped earth ball in a tub and pack damp soil or peat moss around it.
  4. When it’s time to plant: leave the burlap on, being careful not to disturb the root system. Set earth ball into ground so that top of ball is slightly above ground level. Fill hole with good topsoil. Mixing topsoil with soil to hold moisture is very good. Firm soil around tree. Use 2-3 inches of mulch. Tree should be staked so that winds will not blow it over.

Happy Holidays From Meadows Farms!

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