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Bring on the Bulbs for Better Home Value

Fall in Love with Fall Pansies

Many homeowners, whether they just purchased their home or have owned it for years, are interested in increasing the value of their property. A better value leads to more significant home equity, a higher resale price, and the personal pride of owning a lovely home. Proper landscaping can lead to better home value, and there’s no more natural way to improve a landscape than with beautiful bulbs.

How Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home

A well-groomed and thoughtfully planned landscape is an excellent asset to your home. Your home’s exterior, including its landscaping, is the first impression visitors see, and stunning landscapes create an attractive, welcoming atmosphere. Colorful landscaping can help attract notice to your property, while more significant plantings provide shade and help with temperature control. Borders can conceal fences or unsightly foundations, and flowerbeds soften the edges of the house structure to provide an appealing sense of nature. Unlike interior home improvements that come and go with the latest design trends, good landscaping is a constant asset to your property and your home value.

Why Bulbs Are Best

Bulbs are some of the best options to improve your home’s landscaping and increase your home value. While bulbs won’t provide shade for your yard or yield tasty treats in a garden, they have many benefits that add value and enjoyment to any yard.

Bulbs Are Familiar

Unlike exotic tropical plants or little-known cultivars of trees and shrubs, many bulbs are instantly recognizable. That familiarity is comfortable and reassuring and adds a sense of peace to your landscaping. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, and lilies are some of the most popular and tried-and-true bulbs that can enhance your landscape.

Bulbs Are Versatile

While many plants can serve only one distinct purpose, bulbs can serve many purposes. Taller varieties can provide a useful screen for privacy or create stunning borders. Dense bulb patches can “paint” your landscape with flowering color, or layer in pots or containers for instant beauty. You can position bulb flowerbeds along your home’s foundation, around trees or lining walkways, driveways, or sidewalks. Bulbs can be strategically placed to fill in thinner areas in your yard or landscaped beds as well.

Bulbs Are Beautiful In Different Seasons

While a spring-blooming annual or a brilliant fall foliage tree may look stunning for one season, many bulbs offer beauty for far longer. Not only are their flowers showstopping beauties, but many bulbs have thick, graceful foliage that is delightful long after blooms may have faded. Furthermore, you can mix-and-match bulbs to keep a bed blooming from early spring to late fall without difficulty.

Bulbs Are Perennials

Annual flowers are gorgeous but need to be replaced every year, a process that can be very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Bulbs, on the other hand, are perennials that will keep coming back year after year with very little extra care. With watering and the occasional removal of dead foliage – bulbs will grow lush and vibrant each year, adding value to your home.

Bulbs Are Easy

There’s no denying that bulbs are easy to grow and require very little maintenance to look their best. Bulbs can tolerate a wide range of soil types, pH levels, and sunlight levels, and they often thrive even when neglected. This makes them an easy addition to any landscape, bringing their proven value to your yard quickly.

Improving Your Landscape With Bulbs

It’s easy to enhance your home’s value by adding bulbs. Choose the types and colors of bulbs you want, and you’re just three steps away from a beautiful landscape and more appealing home.

  1. Dig – Dig the appropriate hole to plant your bulbs, paying attention to the recommended depth for the bulb type. You can dig individual holes for each bulb, or plant an entire bed at once.
  2. Drop – Drop the bulbs in the holes. You can position them in graceful, cultivated rows, or choose a more organic, natural look. Cover the bulbs firmly with soil and a layer of mulch if desired.
  3. Done! – Little care and maintenance are required, outside of keeping a simple eye on moisture levels, and the occasional critter that may enjoy a bulb snack. Before long, both your bulbs and your home value will be blooming!

With so many benefits from landscaping and the ease of bulbs to create a stunning look, why not add to your home’s value today?

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