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Deer-Leerious Plants

When we spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in our flower beds and landscapes, having deer roam through in the middle of the night and eat our investments on the ground can be a maddening and disheartening experience. Meadows Farms Nurseries has the solution.

Introducing Deer-Leerious Plants!

The folks at Deer-Leerious have used the best research in the home and garden industry along with trusted experience from the best gardeners throughout the country to create a line of plants to help you make smart choices when you shop. All Deer-Leerious plants are broken down into three levels to help you make the best selection:

Level 1 – Highest Deer Resistance – You can have high confidence that deer will avoid this plant unless they are desperate and starving.
Level 2 – High Deer Resistance – You can have confidence that deer generally avoid these plants, but they may nibble them if they are highly stressed or starving.
Level 3 – Medium to High Deer Resistance – Most deer will pass these plants by, but if they are hungry enough they may nibble on them.

Meadows Farms carries a great selection of Level 1 and Level 2 perennials for both sun and shade. Each plant has an identifying tag that makes it easy to tell the level the plant is on the Deer-Leerious scale, as well as whether the plant is for sun and shade (yellow tag for sun, green tag for shade). Stop in at your local Meadows Farms location and get your Deer-Leerious plants today!

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