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Mom was right: Broccoli is good for you! Nutritionists consider it a superfood that helps you in so many ways. Broccoli needs just the right conditions (cooler weather) to grow perfectly, so don’t expect supermarket-sized heads from the home garden. Instead, you’ll get smaller, very tender heads. Most varieties produce one main large head 50-55 days after transplanting into the garden.

Harvest Tips

Sever heads with a sharp knife when they’re tight and firm, before any of the buds open into yellow flowers. Flowers indicate that the broccoli is past its peak, although it is still edible. Cut the stem at an angle to reduce the likelihood of the stem rotting. Continue harvesting the smaller side shoots as they develop.


Used in salads, eat fresh with dip, boil it and serve it with butter, but also try adding it to stir-fries and Italian pasta dishes.

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