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Perennial Fruits & Berries

You don’t need an acre yard or a large garden to grow and enjoy great tasting fruits and berries!

We have a great selection of small fruit and berry plants that are perfect for containers on the deck or patio as well as for your garden. The plants may be small, but the yields will be large come harvest time!


While most of the upright blackberries can self-pollinate, cross-pollinated blackberries tend to produce more fruit. For cross-pollination you need two DIFFERENT types of blackberries, not two of the same variety!


Almost ALL blueberries need a pollinator, and those that don’t require one still produce better yields with a pollinator. For cross-pollination you need two DIFFERENT types of blueberries, not two of the same variety!


Raspberries are self-fertile, and do not require a pollinator.


This line of berries offers compact, self-pollinating plants that are great for containers or other small spaces.

  • Blueberry ‘Peach Sorbet’
  • Blueberry ‘Jelly Bean’
  • Raspberry ‘Shortcake’





Goji Berries

  • ‘Firecracker’

Haskap Berry

  • ‘Borealis’

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