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What’s Happening at the Garden Centers

What's Happening at the Garden Centers

What’s in Store and Happening Now At Our Garden Center Locations

The lists below provide a general overview of what’s in store and available now at Meadows Farms Nurseries and Landscape. We are always receiving material during the spring and fall growing seasons to ensure you have the best selection of plants and materials for your outdoor space. Looking for a new tree or shrub for your landscape? Just a few flowers to fill in some spots? Meadows Farms Nurseries have got you covered! We try to keep this list updated weekly to keep you informed, but by all means please contact your nearby Meadows Farms location for any questions you may have regarding availability.

In the Greenhouse

In the Greenhouses (Updated March 16th)

  • Houseplants: Fresh shipments of early-season houseplants will be arriving soon at most of our locations. Add a bit of nature to your indoor spaces with our extensive collections.
  • Pansies: Winter pansies are shipping the week of March 2nd to most stores. Get your first blast of color this season or add some to your existing flower beds to freshen them up from the winter.
  • Spring Flowering Bulbs: We’ve got tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths in pots ready for indoor delight or to plant out in the garden.
  • Fresh Perennials: We’ve begun receiving our first batches of spring-blooming perennials in. Now is the chance to get these beauties in the ground and growing while the weather is favorable. We’ll have colorful and vibrant perennials all season long. We’ve got perennial dianthus, hellebores, and lovely creeping phlox to give you a blast of color in the garden.

Out in the Field

Out in the Field (Updated March 16th)

  • Fresh shipments arriving now: Our nurseries are receiving thousands of units of fresh spring material daily from our growers. Be sure to stop in for all of your favorites. Below is just a sampling of what we’ll be receiving over the next few days and weeks:
    • Fruit Trees
    • Azaleas, both regular and Encore varieties
    • Dogwoods
    • Flowering Cherries
    • Redbuds
    • Forsythias
    • Green Giant Arborvitaes
    • Boxwoods
    • Oaks
    • Maples, both upright and Japanese varieties
    • Emerald Green Arborvitaes
    • Hollies
    • Junipers

Lawn and Garden Supplies

Garden Centers

  • Seed Starting Supplies: We’re your one-stop-shop for all of your seed starting needs. We have seeds, a wide selection of potting soils, Jiffy pots, trays, Cow pots, and more.
  • Seedlingers Fertilixer: Get in on this impressive fertilizer program and get refills throughout the season to keep your plantings looking their best.
  • Weed and Crabgrass Prevention: Now is the time to get ahead of the season’s weed problems. We carry Preen and Pennington products to keep stubborn weeds out of your flower beds and lawn. If you’re looking for an organic solution, Espoma Organic’s All Natural Corn Gluten is an excellent option.
  • Mulches and Soils

Please note that not every location stocks every item that Meadows Farms carries. If you have questions or concerns regarding the availability of a certain product, please contact a nearby Meadows Farms retail location for information.

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