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Mulching with Bulk Materials

Meadows Farms Bulk Products


Double shredded hardwood mulch puts a finishing touch to your landscaping as well as provides insulation during the winter and improves water retention in summer.


Quality shredded topsoil for general purpose use throughout your yard. Ideal as a filler soil when building rock walls or raised beds.

Bloom Soil (comparable to Orgro)

Superior quality compost provides a high-quality source of plant nutrients and organic matter. Contains lime and slow-release fertilizer. Ideal for lawns and vegetable gardens.

Leafgro/Leaf Compost

Superior quality compost. Very versatile soil conditioner used as a source of humus and organic matter for soil improvement. Ideal for planting trees, shrubs and flower gardens.

How Much Do I Need to Cover a 100 Square Foot Area?

Depth/Amount of Bulk

1″ / 1/3of a yard
2″ / 1/2 of a yard
3″ / 1 yard
4″ / 1 1/4 yards
5″ / 1 1/2 yards
6″ / 2 yards

Should I Buy It By The Bag or In Bulk?

  • One Cubic Yard of Mulch = NINE 3 Cubic Foot Bags of Mulch
  • One Cubic Yard of Topsoil = TWENTY SEVEN 1 Cubic Foot Bags of Topsoil
  • One Cubic Yard of “Leaf” = TWENTY SEVEN 1 Cubic Foot Bags of Planting Mix
  • One Cubic Yard of Bloom Soil = TWENTY SEVEN 40 lb Bags of Compost

Mulch weighs approximately 1,000 pounds per cubic yard.

Topsoil weighs approximately 1,600 pounds per cubic yard.

A full-size pick-up truck can carry approximately 2 yards of mulch or 1 yard of topsoil.

(All Weights and Comparisons are Approximate)

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