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Bagged or Bulk Mulch

Bagged Mulch or Bulk Mulch – Which one is right for me?

Simply put, the decision to buy bulk or bagged mulch depends on price vs. convenience! In general, bulk mulch will cost a bit less. Regular shredded mulch will generally cost you less per cubic foot when you purchase it “loose”.

Bagged mulch generally runs a bit more per cubic foot, unless it is on sale. For the extra little bit of money you will pay for bags, you have something that is a little easier to work with. Bags can be neatly stacked out of sight until you are ready to spread the mulch. You can easily move the bags around the yard to the areas where you need them. If you don’t use all the bags, you can readily store them for later use.

However, when you have a big mulch job, saving money becomes more important. If you need to spread 10 yards of mulch, for example, the cost of bulk vs. bagged would be a significant difference, at which point you may decide to forego the convenience in favor of the savings.

Either way, we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the product! Check out our Mulch Calculator to determine how much mulch you’ll need for your particular job.

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