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  • Top 5 Houseplants That Are Safe For Pets
    In my time in the nursery, I’ve spoken to many people who never attempted growing houseplants in their homes and offices. Unfortunately, one of the recurring reasons I kept hearing–they owned pets, and so many houseplants are toxic to animals. While it is true that that are many houseplant varieties that can cause toxic effects...
  • Top 5 Cool-Season Vegetables To Try This Season
    With the summer season starting to near its end and your current crop of vegetables beginning to fade a bit, it might be the perfect time to try out some cool-season vegetables. We’ve just received shipments of your favorite cool-season vegetables ready to go for fall harvesting. Here are a few varieties that you may...
  • Top 5 Garden Tasks for August
    August is the gateway to fall, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it with its typical hot, humid, and dry weather. July of 2018 was a surprisingly mild and wet month this year, and what lies ahead for us in August remains a mystery. Will the trend of rainy, warm weather continue, or will we...

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