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March Garden To-Do List

By BlueKey Support

Here is a comprehensive garden task list for gardeners in the greater DC metro region for March, courtesy of the Washington Gardener Magazine. Some of the items are weather-dependent (particularly the planting/seed-sowing bullets), so I’m leaving them up to your good common sense- pea shoots aren’t going to be happy if you have to dig through 5” of snow to plant them. Your comments and additions to this list are most welcome.

  • Avoid walking on and compacting wet soil in the garden
  • Prune grapevines
  • Put up trellises and teepees for peas, climbing beans, etc.
  • Plant peas, potatoes, beets, turnips, radish, cabbage, mustard greens, onion sets, carrots, & kale
  • Set out traps for mice, moles, & voles
  • Get a soil test
  • Soil preparation- add lime, compost, etc. as needed
  • Mulch beds lightly
  • Start or update your garden journals
  • Clean out any old debris from last season from your growing beds
  • Turn your compost pile
  • Repot root-bound houseplants and start fertilizing them
  • Clean leaves & debris from your water garden
  • Do not be alarmed if your pond turns green from algae bloom, this is natural until your water plants fill the surface area.
  • Cut back ornamental grasses
  • Water during dry spells
  • Cut your daffodils for indoor bouquets, but do not combine daffs with other flowers in one vase. They give off a toxic substance that may kill your other blooms prematurely.
  • Weed by hand to avoid disturbing newly forming roots
  • Walk your garden- look for early signs of fungal disease
  • Divide perennials and herbs
  • Fertilize new growth
  • Plant and prune roses
  • Transplant small trees & shrubs
  • Buy or check on your stored summer bulbs (such as dahlias & caladiums). Pot them and start to water, if you want to give them an early start on the season.
  • If you started seeds last month, thin them and start the hardening-off process
  • Start some more seeds- try flowering annuals such as petunias
  • Prune fruit trees as their buds are swelling. Check for dead & diseased wood to prune out. Cut a few branches for indoor forcing, if desired.
  • Build a raised bed for vegetables. Add lots of manure & compost.
  • Buy an indoor plant to liven up your office space- try an orchid or African violet.
  • Cut back & clear out the last of your perennial beds.
  • Feed the birds & provide nesting materials (try dryer lint) as well as houses for the start of their family season.
  • Read a good gardening book or magazine.
  • Cut some branches (forsythia, quince, bittersweet, redbud, willow, etc.) for forcing indoors, or to add to your flower vases.

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