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Tidying the ivy

A lack of self control, who me?

I must start today by denying the obvious. I insist that I am able to control a seeming compulsion to purchase one of too many plants, and collections of far too many. There is meager evidence to support my claim, I understand, but I must point to a recent decision to halt further collecting of … Continue reading

Delightful berries

Long, arching stems ornamented with clusters of white berries emerge from a tangle of foliage behind the koi pond. Oakleaf and mophead hydrangeas nestle tightly beside an ‘Okame’ cherry, with little space to access for maintenance through crossed branches. Somewhat worse than the typical mess in this garden, but considerable effort would be required to … Continue reading

Surprising blooms

Unsurprisingly and typically, I’m clueless to explain why ‘Jelena’ witch hazel is flowering in September instead of mid-February. No unusual weather event explains this, and this is not a single flower or stem, but every bud on every branch. Four other winter flowering witch hazels nearby show no sign of imminent flowering, or even swelling … Continue reading

Top 5 Abelia You Need to Plant Now

Are you looking for a flowering shrub that provides excellent color options throughout the season, is low-maintenance, deer-resistant, great for pollinators, and works in limited space? Abelia may be the choice for you. Here is a list of some of the top varieties Meadows Farms has in stock right now that you need to try…

Meadows Farms’ Top 8 Plants for Fall Color

Now that your summer blooms are beginning to fade out, it’s a perfect time to incorporate plants for fall color. Here a just a few of our favorite fall plants that we’re sure you’ll love too: Asters When the blooms of many summer perennials are fading, the fall-blooming perennial aster is at its best. Perennial…

Ideal planting

Ideal spots for planting are easily identified in shaded areas of the garden. Here, sporelings of Japanese Painted and Sensitive ferns appear together, competing in scattered pockets of deep, moist soil. Too often, Japanese stilt grass encroaches, though it is less particular about the spaces it invades. Fortunately, while persistent and a considerable nuisance, the … Continue reading

What does best

Slowly, I gain knowledge about what does best, and where, and conditions in this garden where plants fail to thrive or survive. I can imagine your head shaking, “well, of course, after twenty-nine years in the garden, he should know a thing or two.” And, probably I do, but understanding the garden is a moving … Continue reading

The 7 Best Varieties of Fall-Blooming Camellias

The jewel of the southern garden, camellias are one of the most versatile and showy shrubs for your landscape. With the right insight and planning, it’s possible to have a camellia garden that blooms from fall until spring depending on the varieties you choose. Today, we’re going to focus on the fall-blooming varieties of camellia…

More summer rain

Undoubtedly, rain this summer has been more than is necessary, and more than is desirable for dogwoods and paperbushes (Edgeworthia chrysantha) in lower lying areas of the garden. Two paperbushes droop and shed leaves in saturated ground, then perk up in the too brief drier periods. A woody tree peony, that made it through the … Continue reading

A natural succession

By Dave
My Garden

I fear that a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum ‘Oridono Nishiki’) at the corner of the driveway is dying. In late August, all leaves have dropped, which is concerning, though some falling leaves are not too unusual in late summer. Tips of branches, far too tall to reach, are curled, telling me that this is not … Continue reading

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