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Featured Blog: Dave

A long way off

Featured Blog: Dave

Promise of the new year

Top 5 Abelia You Need to Plant Now

Are you looking for a flowering shrub that provides excellent color options throughout the season, is low-maintenance, deer-resistant, great for pollinators, and works in limited space? Abelia may be the choice for you. Here is a list of some of the top varieties Meadows Farms has in stock right now that you need to try…

The 7 Best Varieties of Fall-Blooming Camellias

The jewel of the southern garden, camellias are one of the most versatile and showy shrubs for your landscape. With the right insight and planning, it’s possible to have a camellia garden that blooms from fall until spring depending on the varieties you choose. Today, we’re going to focus on the fall-blooming varieties of camellia…

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