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Gardening With Your Dog

Landscaping and dogs are often not thought of simultaneously. It seems that our four-legged companions commonly have very stubborn opinions about our garden aesthetics, mostly involving the removal of anything we want to plant! It can be very difficult, but creating a beautiful landscape and dog yard in the same space can be done!

Here are some tips for achieving success

Be patient

Even well trained pets will sometimes get carried away on a mole chase. Don’t expect perfection!

Establish borders

Dogs will have an easier time knowing which areas are off limits if you use edging in-between your garden beds and the yard areas they are allowed to be in. Wooden or stone edging can also be a very attractive addition to your gardenscape!

Careful plant selection

Plants that deter digging are a plus, but you don’t want to have anything too dangerous in an area that your dog will come into contact with. For example, barberry is attractive, but the thorns will bury under the skin and cause irritation – this would not be an ideal selection to edge your dog’s running space! There are also a few plants that are poisonous when ingested, like hemlock or helleborus. Make sure to avoid these plants if you have a pooch that likes to gnaw on greenery. If you are uncertain about whether or not a plant poses a threat to your pet, check it out first! The ASPCA has compiled a detailed list of plants that are known to be toxic and non-toxic to pets, take a look at their website!


Making your dogs part of your gardening experience can be incredibly rewarding for the both of you! Bringing them shopping at Meadows Farms with you will help them socialize (and us too!). Spending time with them in your yard is a really healthy way to increase both of your activity level and a great way to spend some quality time together!

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