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Featured Blog: Dave

Digging to drain the swamp

Featured Blog: Dave

Crying wolf

Digging to drain the swamp

Several puddles remain in the lower garden, and that’s before the thunderstorm that’s passing through this evening. Another storm, probably more severe, is forecast for tomorrow, and chances for more are expected early in the week. This afternoon was occupied digging in the lower garden, clearing trenches along planting bed edges that have clogged with … Continue reading

Crying wolf

Happily, I admit to prematurely reporting the demise of two passionflower vines, which appeared shortly after publishing my sob story, though the long term fate of one remains in doubt. Passionflower vines are known for late arrivals after extended winters, and this year there was no sign of the purple flowered vine (Passiflora incarnata) into … Continue reading

Wrong plant? Right place

Seedlings of ‘Espresso’ geranium would be considerably improved if foliage had been cut to the ground in late June. But, they weren’t. Ones in part shade have fared better, though flowering is improved with more sun. So, for part of the year the geranium’s placement is ideal, but less so at other times. Also in … Continue reading

Top 5 Cool-Season Vegetables To Try This Season

With the summer season starting to near its end and your current crop of vegetables beginning to fade a bit, it might be the perfect time to try out some cool-season vegetables. We’ve just received shipments of your favorite cool-season vegetables ready to go for fall harvesting. Here are a few varieties that you may…

Better judgment. Who, me?

Better judgment, no matter that it is in short supply, dictates that further planting should be delayed into September. Weeks of rain have revived much of the garden that had slipped into its usual summer slump, tempting an early August start. Late plantings in June have fared well despite an ill timed, but typical turn … Continue reading

Top 5 Garden Tasks for August

August is the gateway to fall, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it with its typical hot, humid, and dry weather. July of 2018 was a surprisingly mild and wet month this year, and what lies ahead for us in August remains a mystery. Will the trend of rainy, warm weather continue, or will we…

Covering ground

I am surprised, and pleased, that a small patch of spring planted Allegheny spurge (Pachysandra procumbens) survived several weeks of heat when this seemed in question, and now appears to be growing after weeks of flooding rains. The native spurge is unexciting, but in recent years I’ve been inspired to cover every small area of … Continue reading

Too wet for too long

Suckering stems of one paperbush (Edgeworthia chrysantha) extend into ground saturated by weeks of rain. Following a recent inch and a quarter, and a couple inches more last night, leaves on the lower end of the shrub wilted. Though these have perked up, there are yellowing and a few dropping leaves. Most of the paperbush … Continue reading

An off year

The relative absence of Tiger swallowtails this year has been noted, and with peak blooming of Joe Pye weeds, the scattered few are clear evidence of this downward pattern in comparison to recent years. From caterpillars to honeybees, and butterflies (probably Japanese beetles also), there are cycles beyond my comprehension, so even with only a … Continue reading

Surviving the deluge, again

Hopefully, plants have been properly placed to withstand the week’s deluges. All survived our very rainy late spring, so I don’t expect problems, but several additions were made in recent weeks, so we’ll see. How tolerant one or the other is to constant dampness will be seen over weeks to follow. The problem area at … Continue reading

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